Straight Messy Black Hairstyles of Billie Joe Armstrong

This messy style looked great on Billie backstage at the 2006 Grammy Awards. His back and sides were jagged cut and his top section was razor cut and thinned out, continuing into the bangs. This style is very easy to maintain.

Suitable for:
Face shapes: oval, round, heart, diamond
Hair texture: thin, medium
Hair density: sparse, medium

Maintenance: low
Time: 5-10 mins
Techniques: natural
Products: gel, gel wax

Born in February 17, 1972, in Oakland, California, Biillie is the lead vocalist, main lyricist and guitarist for the punk rock band Green Day. He is also a guitarist and vocalist for the punk rock band Pinhead Gunpowder and sings for garage rock band Foxboro Hot Tubs. He was the lead singer for new wave group The Network.

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